Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Evil Shades Bump in the Night Collection Swatches

I received my Evil Shades Bump in the Night collection an eternity ago, but have been swamped with so many things I hadn't had time to swatch the shades.   This collection is an LE but still available, Finally, here they are!

I've swatched them four at a time so they're not all squished on my arm, and here's the first four shades.




Boo Baby - deep bright pink with green and orange shimmer.  This is a gorgeous berry rose shade on me, my favorite of the bunch!


Boogety - bright glowy orange with soft pink undertones, with gold and copper sparkle. 


Chain Rattler - creamy nude that shifts from silver to gold.


Closet Monster - bright purple with green to teal shimmer.

The out of focus shots show off the shimmer, while the in focus shots don't. 

down the arm to see the shimmer

Here's the next four




Eye of Newt - mossy olive green with a golden yellow shift.


Ghouly - bright deep teal with flashes of pink to silver shimmer.  I'd recommend a base with this one.


Nightmares - dark witching hour purple with a haunting pink shift and multi colored sparkle


Tricks & Treats - crisp green with a soft pink shift hidden within and golden shimmer.

Another out of focus shot for you

and a down the arm sort of shot

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Oh man, Nightmares is giving me all kinds of tingly feelings. :>