Friday, December 7, 2012

Recolor using Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet

My hair appt was November 15th, and my roots are already showing.   I didn't get a cut last visit, simply changed the color, so my bangs are in dire need of a trim.  I asked the stylist to do fewer foils, but make them thicker.   I prefer chunkier strips with the purple.

photo taken outside, no flash, but in direct sunlight


Still no flash, but in the shade.  You can see the purple clearly but it's not as obvious as in the light.


The purple has faded a little due to a recent clarifying shampoo, and it's been 4 weeks since the appt.   I've had good luck with Pravana in the past, both the Chromasilk and Chromasilk Vivids.  The new stylist used an NN super dark brown shade with a glossy demi perm on the ends, but I'll switch to regular old black on the next recolor.

My shortest layer is just below my chin, if I pull it straight, so I need to let that grow a few more inches so the weight will pull it down and not out.   Almost there lengthwise, just a little more time.

Thanks for looking!


  1. hi! hope this isn't weird getting a comment on an old blog post, but i'm thinking of doing the exact same thing with my hair, but with a slightly richer brown. did your stylist bleach at all or was this directly on the brown? thanks!!

  2. Prior to this, the purple highlights were more of a reddish shade, but very faded. The stylist rebleached those highlights as we wanted to ensure what was there was removed before adding a different shade. She brought my hair to approx level 7, which is all that was needed for the purple (no sense risking damage by lightening any more than needed!), then she simply applied the dark brown dye over what was already there for the rest of my hair.

    At the end of January, I redid my own hair, again rebleaching the highlighted areas and then applying the Pravana purple dye. I also switched from the dark brown and went back to 1N black.

    Hope this info helps.