Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wild Wednesday

A few pictures from my area after Hurricane Sandy.  The first pic was taken Oct 30th, the day after the hurricane, and the rest were Oct 31.   There was more damage on other streets but they were all blocked off, and I didn't want to drive around gawking. The 10/31 pics were snapped on the way home from the grocery store.

A large tree fell at the end of my road, snapping the utility pole and taking down the lines.  These lines are the power to my house, which was restored after 11 days by Georgia Power.  Those guys were wonderful!!  It's hard to see in the pic, but the lines are down hanging down just underneath the stop sign, on the right.


My across-the-street neighbor worked tirelessly with his backhoe, tractor, and chainsaw, pushing the trees off the road and cutting the larger branches so we could actually drive on the road and get around.   This made it easier when the power company got to us, they had a place to park their trucks and begin work.


The other end of the road had another tree on the wires, which were also taken care of by Georgia Power.  Once they got these up (which were laying on the in various places between the poles) the internet / phones came back on, after being out for 12 days.


Here's around the corner.  These lines were down last year, either for Hurricane Irene or the ice storm in October, I can't remember which.  Maybe one of these days they'll figure out how to get them up and keep them up.  No trees fell on them either time they came down, so I don't know what the issue is.


The same street, in the opposite direction.  Three trees decided to take a little rest on the wires, which made me want to duck while driving under them.  It was the only way off our street; the cross street on the other end of my road was closed in both directions at the intersection.

It's hard to tell without another car on the street for reference, but the roads around my house aren't really two full lanes, sort of one and a half, so you have to drive along the edge of the road if a car is coming the other way.   If it's a truck coming the other way, it's easiest to just pull over as far as you can and stop, or sort of edge into someone's driveway. The depth of the ditch varies, but I've seen many people end up in the ditch because they couldn't judge the width of their car or move over too far because the other car didn't keep to their own side.


missing some roof


I've noticed a few houses with blue tarps on their roofs in the days since, but haven't taken any pictures.  There's also a horse farm across the street from my son's school that lost some of the roof on one of their barns too.

Is that utility pole a bit crooked or is it me?

While being without power for 11 days was an inconvenience, our house was safe and sound, unlike so many people whose homes were destroyed and damaged by storm surge, flooding, and trees crashing down.   Many towns have a long road ahead of them, and this won't be the last storm we'll face.

Thanks for looking.

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