Friday, November 16, 2012

My Rosacea and Dry Sensitive Skin Care Routine

My skincare routine is simple.  I have both rosacea and dry sensitive skin, so there's lots I can't use.   Retinols are out.  I know so many women who rave about various retinol products, but they're simply too harsh for me, they may also worsen rosacea.  A lot of products designed for women over 30 target sun damaged skin, but I don't have that problem to worry about.  I avoided the sun during my younger years and wear sunscreen religiously.

I've found that the more products I include in my skincare routine, the worse my skin behaves.  I keep it simple and my skin looks and feels better!

I used Finacea gel for 2 years and switched to Avar-e LS cream in late May.  This contains both sodium sulfacetamide and colloidal sulfur, which stop the growth of bacteria on the skin.  The sulfur also helps the skin shed old cells.

There was about a 2 week adjustment period where my skin went crazy, but I had discussed it with my dermatologist and knew it could happen.  With any new/change in medication, if you're having a reaction or are unsure in any way, talk to your doctor and/or schedule a check up so he/she can make sure everything is ok.

Morning Routine

  • wash using goat milk soap, using it with the Clarisionic every two to three days.
  • apply Avar-e  LS cream on affected areas (cheeks & jawline)
  • apply Vitamin E cream
  • apply sunscreen on face & neck

I give each product a couple of minutes to absorb before applying the next.

Reapplications during the Day

  • reapply sunscreen as needed

I like to use the California Baby sunscreen for my initial application and the Lavanila for reapplications.  The Lavanila is more sheer than white, and absorbs faster on my skin.  If you're worried about reapplications messing up your makeup, just touch it up.  If you can't, well, better messy makeup than melanoma.

Evening Routine

  • remove makeup with olive oil / Vitamin E liquid mixture
  • wash with goat milk soap
  • apply Vitamin E cream
  • apply Avar-e LS cream if needed (usually only if I'm having a flare up)

Sometimes I use Philosophy's Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser instead of the goat milk soap.  A 3 oz bottle is $10, 8 oz is $20.  I recently traded in 500 Sephora points for the Philosophy Box of Miracles, which contained this 2 oz bottle.   The 5 oz Canus goat milk soap bar ranges from $2.39 to $2.79 at stores near me, but you can purchase it for as low as $1 if you shop around.   It's also available in liquid; I use the liquid version as a bodywash for me and Ian.  It's helped keep his eczema to a minimum.


When the really cold winter months set in, I also use the Oil Cleansing Method a couple of times a week.   I use a mixture of castor, avocado, and apricot kernel oils.  It helps keep my skin from feeling dry and flaky.

That's it.  Simple, but it works for me.

Hope you've found this helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for sharing :) My skin is dry with rosacea tendencies and slight allergies, so I am generally weary of adding new products to my skincare routine, but I'll read into these because I haven't found my holy grails just yet.
    (There's an award for you on my blog!)

    1. Thanks! I feel using only a handful of simple products really works best for me, and hope you'll find your HGs soon!