Monday, November 12, 2012

Meow Alien Abduction Swatches

I wanted to post these before Halloween but Hurricane Sandy had other ideas. Sorry, I spelled Gray Matter incorrect in the first two pics, it's "gray" not "grey". DSC08816 DSC08819 DSC08820 Close ups with Meow's descriptions DSC08823 Abductee 2012 - metallic copper/bronze with golden metallic sheeen -not sparkly, but gleaming with alien influence DSC08824 Xenophobe - shimmery khaki/taupe with gray undertones - nourish your inner anti-social with this complex hue DSC08825 Probe - sparkly sheer silver/gray DSC08826 Mind Control - soft lusty lilac with a blue iridescence undertone DSC08827 Sighting - rosy hued violet shining with raspberry iridescence DSC08828 Close Encounter - crystal clear purple crocus with iridescent luminous blue undertone DSC08829 Gray Matter - sparkly mauve gray with hot cherry sheen DSC08830 UFO - medium sheer true black with silver sheen Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!

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