Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wild Wednesday

Kitties wanted to investigate while I was taking swatch photos.


Tuesday is looking trim in the pic.  We've gradually added regular cat food to Thursday's kitten chow, which means Tuesday isn't eating the kitten chow and getting chubby.  She's vertically challenged, so her weight has no where to go but out.  Thursday is long, lean, and leggy, so her  weight is not a concern.  Although Tuesday's getting older and irritated by Thursday's constant need to play, she's the sweetest cat I've ever owned.


Thursday has a much cuter face in person - in pics she always looks a bit angry but she's got a great temperament.  Her right eye is a bit squinky due to an injury she sustained in her first few weeks while she was a stray.   Two vets have assured me it's ok, but her eye does water.    The shape of her right eye is slightly different from her left (due to the injury), and she doesn't like when the red light from the camera is on her (the "anti red eye" light) so I try not to use it.

There's two sweet reasons to adopt strays :)

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