Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wild Wednesday

spiderwebs, spiderwebs everywhere

and here

bits of web in the tree

There's an amazing web on a tree in the front yard, but I didn't want to navigate through loads of these webs and the wildflowers to get to it!

Hubby power washed the house last Saturday, using the water from our Intex (frame style pop up, 10" x 30") pool.   We filled the pool in the late spring / early summer using water from the enormous rain barrel in the back.  All the rain water from the roof runs into the barrel, and we use that for watering the garden as well.  It took about a week to fill the pool, using only the rain barrel water.  No sense wasting all that water, especially when the house needed a good cleaning.  But the spiders sure do return quickly.

pretty kitty

Here's Tuesday.  We celebrated her birthday/adoption late last month.  She wandered in the yard on September 24th, 2002, and after trying to find any owner and a trip to the vet (who confirmed she'd been outside for a long time, based on her health) we decided to keep her.

Thanks for looking!

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