Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Simple DIY Halloween Decor

I saw some colored bottles at the craft store, but aside from being $6.99 each, they had really ugly stickers on them, and one bottle's label was peeled up to boot.  I waited until they were marked down to $1.99 each, and bought one of each color.   I'd already started working on them when a friend told me I should stop, take some pics, and post this.

Here's three of the bottles, after I'd peeled the label off the purple and started the orange.

You can see the sticker on the green bottle, and it's beyond cheesy.   I scraped off as much of each sticker as I could with my nail, then used "Goo Gone" to remove the stickiness from the label.   I washed the bottles in warm soapy water and let them air dry.

I looked through my box of Halloween scrapbooking stickers and embellishments, and found a set that was the right size for the bottles.  The coordinating stickers look much better than the originals. 


Here's the 4th bottle I bought.  I used a Halloween wine bottle sticker for this one.  It's a little large but Ian really liked the cats on it. 


I asked some friends for some empty bottles, peeled off their labels, and put on some more of the wine bottle stickers.  The wine bottle stickers were packs of 9 (three different sized labels of each design) and were marked down to $4.99.


You can't get much easier than that.  Thanks for looking!

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