Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meow Cosmetics Dance of Death Swatches

I ordered a few of the Meow Dance of Death samples.

Photos taken inside, no flash.  The sun kept going in & out and I tried to take pictures with a nice sunbeam coming through the window, so some pics are brighter than others.  My arm is a little red from tape :/

Swatches on bare skin applied with damp wet/dry brush.



Closeups with Meow's color descriptions


Spellbinding - white shadow glistening with surprising multi colored sparkle and iridescence


Tombstone - shiny foiled true icy silver/grey


Dirt Nap - earthy (dirt) brown with black undertones sparkling with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmer.


Necromancer - pure black shadow (like warlock and witch) loaded with pink and purple sparkle and fuchsia iridescence


Grave Robber liner - mysterious deep navy with bright blue iridescent undertone

My cat decided to plop herself down in the sunbeam as I was taking the picture, so there's a bit of shadow on the left side.  Sorry!  I'll try to improve my indoor photo taking skills as the days pass.....

I hope you've found these photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

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