Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I don't normally post anything over the weekends, but wanted to remind everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy to be safe!

We're as ready as can be, and I expect a power outage.  Our power was out for last year's Hurricane Irene, and then again for the snow/ice storm that hit right before Halloween last year.   Those were 7 and 9 day outages, so with Sandy expected to hit closer than Irene, I'm assuming we're looking at another week long outage.

I've got plenty of things that don't require cooking, can be cooked on the gas grill, or can be easily cooked in a pot or pan on my portable cook top.    Flashlights are all charged (I never use candles), the laundry will be finished this afternoon.  The gas cans are full, the cars tanks are full so in an emergency we can always siphon the fuel from the car and into the cans to use in the generator.   Hubby did a test run on the generator last night, everything's ready to go.

Our friends are evacuating from the shore and coming to stay with us like they did last year for Hurricane Irene.  Ian's only concern is that all this may affect Halloween and trick or treating!  I'm glad that power outages don't really bother him. He understands that it's dangerous but doesn't panic or go stir crazy like a lot of kids do during an outage. As long as he has books and a flashlight, he's a happy camper.

Everyone stay safe, and hopefully my power won't be out too long this time.


  1. At least it's not extemely hot right now! I'm in Louisiana and we were out of power for about a week with the storm in August, so you have my empathy! Stay safe!

    1. Power outages during hot months are no fun!