Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Decor

This is the time of year when I'm out spending more money than I should, but a lot of the things that I pick up are used all year long.  I try to avoid the more kitschy Halloween themed items, but some years it's hard to find anything at all.  I went to Target the other day and found a few items that will work well in my dining room!

cotton tablecloth, $14.99

place mats, will look great on top of the tablecloth or on their own, $2.99 each (the website says $12.99, but I checked my receipt, they were $2.99)


small paper napkins. $1 per package

pillow for the living room $14.99

I also bought a new apron for $9.99.  It's available online with either the Poison or Venomous print for $14.99.  In the store it was the apron only.

below image courtesy

The colors fit nicely into both my kitchen and dining room.  I thought about picking up some of the plastic tumblers and plates, but decided to skip them.  The Halloween shelves are pretty well picked over at this point, and the Christmas items are slowly taking over their space.  I don't expect there will be much left for any kind of clearance.

Thanks for looking!


  1. What adorable stuff! I'm going on holiday to the US next week, I may have to try and get to a Target!

  2. I love what you got. Especially the apron!

    1. Thanks! I had to run to Target for something yesterday and picked up 3 more place mats, which was all they had left.