Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dining Room

My dining room is about 5 years overdue for a fresh coat of paint, and of course I need to tweak the color.  It's currently Benjamin Moore's Autumn Orange, which is described as "Nothing says fall like the pumpkins and cozy fireside gatherings evoked by this warm, inviting shade of deep golden orange."

Autumn Orange (courtesy BenjaminMoore.com)

I want to keep the room orange.  Everyone told me I was crazy when I first told them orange, but strangely enough, everyone likes it.  Or maybe they're just lying to me.  I just need the shade to be a little less yellow, and lean a tad more red.

I picked up a sample of Pumpkin Cream.   This shade was available in one of the .2 oz premade color samples for $3.99.  They also have large sheets of heavy cardboard-like paper in many of the sample colors if you don't want to put a swatch of color on your wall.  I always go with the actual paint.

Pumpkin Cream (courtesy BenjaminMoore.com)  This is the lighter of the two shades, and after swatching it on the wall, it's definitely too light.

Fall Harvest is the darker shade, and it's the one I want.  The description is "An exceptional grounding color, this rich orange reminiscent of the shades of autumn has just the right amount of black to neutralize and balance it."   It wasn't available in the premade sample size, so I bought a 14.5 oz custom mixed color sample instead, for $7.99.

Fall Harvest (courtesy BenjaminMoore.com)

Ok, so you might not see much of a difference on your monitor, but in person, you can see it.  I label my photos using Photobucket, which doesn't always cooperate, so the labels may or may not appear by the time this goes live.

Here's the containers.

Sherwin Williams will accept their own used samples in the original containers, but Benjamin Moore doesn't (as far as I know).   Many schools or community theatres love to take small containers or sample sizes (that are good, not old and dried out!) to paint scenery for plays.  And if worse comes to worse and you can't get rid of it, most towns/counties offer a clean up day once or twice a year and they'll accept latex paint.

the swatch cards from the store.

Never judge a color when it's wet.  The current wall shade is Autumn Orange, the top swatch is Pumpkin Cream and the bottom is Fall Harvest.

This is from this morning, sadly, it's overcast and I couldn't get a good photo.  Again, current color is Autumn Orange, top swatch is Pumpkin Cream, bottom swatch is Fall Harvest.

I'll have to take "before" and "after" photos for you.  I hope to get the painting done over the next two weeks, including the ceiling (ceiling white) and maybe a quick coat on the trim (gloss white).

Thanks for looking!


  1. I actually like both shades, but Pumpkin Cream especially.

    1. Thanks! It looks better in person, maybe in the next few days there will be enough sun that I can snap a better picture.