Monday, October 15, 2012

Chinovi Cosmetics Hocus Pocus Swatches

I purchased the Hocus Pocus sample set from Chinovi Cosmetics.  I had to rush around to take advantage of the setting sun, so the pics aren't as bright as I would've liked.

Outside no flash


Close ups with second color showing off sparkly goodness in the background, plus Chinovi's color descriptions.


Booook is a  mid tone cool brown with a slight red cast and purple sparkles


Virgin Candle is a silver based nude with hints of soft pink and gold throughout.


Salem is a soft pumpkin orange with a slight purple sheen and vibrant purple sparkles.


Potion is an inky emerald green with LOADS of blue and purple sparkles.


Witch Sisters is a soft purple base with both green and bold purple highlights.  It is also scattered with copper shimmer.


Cursed Cat is a blackened midnight grey with green undertones and lots of copper, orange and silver sparkles.

inside no flash

I like the way Chinovi's site is set up for Limited Edition shadows - you simply click on the collection, which brings up that entire collection's shades with descriptions and ingredients.  More importantly, when you scroll over the individual shade, a swatch appears!   I appreciate swatches, and even nicer that I don't have to click on each shade and go to yet another page to see what it looks like.

I hope you've found these swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

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