Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WnW Fantasy Makers Stars & Snipes palette swatches

I picked up this Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers palette the other day for $3.49.  You can find these in the Fantasy Makers Halloween display at the usual places.



these two are outside, no flash


inside no flash

Shade 1 is a multi sparkle white powder (I applied it with a damp wet/dry brush & it clumped)
Shade 2 is a creamy mid grey with shimmer
Shade 3 is a shimmery red cream
Shade 4 is a shimmery bloodstain red cream
Shade 5 is a solid black cream
Shade 6 is a multi sparkle black cream

Shadows 2 through 6 are a creamy formula, 1 is a powder.  The palette came with the usual sponge applicator brush, but I used a wet/dry shadow brush to do the swatches.  It would be nice if WnW included a couple of extra sponge applicators though, since many casual makeup users don't own brushes or even spare applicators.   It'd be a pain to wash off the applicator to apply the next shade, unless you didn't care about mixing the colors.  But hey, for $3.49 I guess I can't really complain.  

A good palette for Halloween themed makeup, or anytime really at such an inexpensive price.  I can easily see baby bats stocking up on this palette for year round use!

Thanks for looking, and hope you've found the swatches helpful.


  1. Six looks amazing!!! Do you know if these are lasting enough to use on their own or will they crease without setting?

    1. I haven't worn them yet, but I would use a primer underneath as I would with any other shadow. Because the shadows are a creamier texture, you could also pat a mineral / powder shadow on top for extra sparkle.