Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wet n' Wild Fergie Nail Color - Rock n' Roll

Ian was grocery shopping with me last week and he insisted I needed this super sparkly polish.  The display said $3.49 but it rang up $2.99 at the register, so very inexpensive.  This shade is called Rock n' Roll, #A022.  It's a sheer base jam packed with small silvery grey glitter, and slightly larger multi colored pieces, sorta holographic.  It's very sparkly in person and hard to capture that sparkle in the pics.

I did use a base coat but it'll probably still be a PITA to remove the polish.  I didn't use a top coat because I only wanted to wear it to show you the color.  I'm far from good at nail polish application, but here you go.


Up to the light, the polish is quite sheer.  This is three coats!

It appears darker normally. 


thumb again - interesting texture


Yeah yeah yeah, I didn't do an accent nail.  I was half high from the albuterol treatment I'd received earlier that morning.   These are my real nails, but I really need to shape them.  They grow so fast it seems like I'm constantly trimming them.  The nails on my right hand are shorter - I keep my thumb and forefinger very short to avoid poking myself in the eye when I take my contacts out.  The other three nails are slightly longer, but not as long as my left hand.  I have "old lady hands" as many people have pointed out, and keeping my nails a little longer makes them look nicer, IMO.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. It is beautiful is just I always get little fuzzy hair on it unless I apply clear coat :)