Thursday, September 6, 2012

UD Naked Skin .05, Illamasqua Skin Base #2, NARS Siberia swatches

Before you say "but the NARS is a regular foundation" - yes, I know. I'm including it simply as a reference for the color, since many ladies in the US are very familiar with NARS and not as familiar with Illamasqua.

This is not a review of the UD Naked Skin, because you've all read reviews already. I love the idea of all the bb and similar creams, and really like the texture and wear of the product.

Here's a little blob of each. I simply put a tiny squirt of UD Naked and Illamasqua SB on my arm, then used a cotton swab to dab on some NARS.

This is outside, no flash. It was overcast and raining on & off through the day, but we had about 30 minutes of sunshine so I rushed to do the swatches. Of course the sun kept hiding behind clouds, so sorry these pics aren't the brightest.


inside, no flash

I realized I didn't have enough NARS to do a similar sized swatch, so I added another dab. Then I simply used my fingertip to rub the product down my arm, without blending it in. These next two photos are both outside, no flash.



I blended the foundation gently, again with fingertips. These pics are outside, no flash.



and here's inside, no flash


My initial thought on the UD .05 was that I was surprised they listed it as a "cool" shade. Compared to the Skin Base, it's not only darker, but more peachy. However, when I look at it next to the NARS, I can see the pinkishness of it. The phrase "shell pink" comes to mind.

I can use a touch of the UD .05 mixed with the SB and dab it on my cheeks to help minimize redness. I prefer doing this over using "green" color correctors, but I have to use it on just the affected areas. I can't use it on its own or mixed with the SB on my entire face, it's just too dark and too peachy beige on me. Maybe UD will make a shade to match me someday!

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. I knew it! I'm not the only one who found ud 0.5 peachy! I thought so when I saw it on my skin but everyone kept telling me it should be fine since its supposed to be a cool shade. Ill have to give illamasqua sb2 a try. Thanks for the comparisin swatches, they are immensely useful. I wish there were more foundation options for pale peeps :/

    1. Glad you found them helpful!

      I can't live without Illamasqua. I believe their Skin Base shade 2 is closest to shade 115 in some of their other formulas. They also have a shade 1 (pure white) which I haven't tried yet but plan to, mixing into the #2. Their shade 105/110 (white with pink undertones, in cream & liquid formulas) is a great match for me.

    2. I took notes :) This will come in very handy!

    3. It's always nice to hear when pics help, so thank you!

      I did label the pics in Photobucket but for some reason the labels aren't showing up on some of the pics. This happens every now & then, eventually they appear :(

    4. I actually felt like the UD .5 felt more neutral than cool. It seems to be very forgiving, because a lot of 'cool' shades on me make me look sunburnt. I was pleasantly surprised that this did not :)

      I think Illamasqua 2 is so friggin gorgeous!

    5. Illamasqua is such a good match for me, it makes it tough for other brands to stand a chance!

  2. Thank you! I know I am waaay late to the party, but I have been looking for decent comparison photos of these exact 3 foundations for ages! :-D

    1. Glad you found the photos helpful!