Friday, September 21, 2012

Dr Martens Dreama boots

The Dr Martens Dreama boots arrived Thursday.  They're from the Zita collection, all of which have the same style narrow 4" heel.  These are normally $300, but I got them on sale at Amazon for $258 and used a coupon code, so I ended up paying $213.

I'm a patent fiend, and love the silver hardware on these boots.  Since I try to sell/get rid of a pair of boots / shoes every time I buy a new pair, I'm thinking about selling the Gildas.  I really like them, but I'll pick these over the Gildas for nearly every situation.  

This will be a picture heavy post.

First set are straight out of the box, with the cardboard still inside the boot to hold the shape.The fullest part of my calf is about 14 1/8" (measured around using a measuring tape) and the boots fit me perfectly laced right out of the box.  You can loosen or tighten the laces but I'm not sure how much more or less room it'll give you, since the boots do zip up.

the little greenish mark is just the flash from the camera.  These boots are super shiny!




The Airwair loop is patent too, nice touch!

nice longer zipper pull

the usual heel, approx 4"

good sturdy tread

These boots, like the Leanne style, have a hole punched in the tongue, which helps hold it up while you're putting your boots on and adjusting the laces, if needed.  When the boots are new and stiff, it's not really an issue, but as they break in falling tongues are a pain.

Here's the view from the tongue, you can see the hole with the lace under the stamp.

Here's a few pics of me outside wearing them.  Hard to take pics of your own legs/feet.


they look a bit odd straight on, mainly due to the odd angle and me trying to not fall over while taking the pic

There's extra room around the ankle, I wish there was a tad less material but I suppose they make them using some sort of average ankle measurement.  This is a problem with my other heeled Docs, the Gilda and Leanna boots.  I can pull the laces tighter around the ankle, but it still "bunches" a little. 


I get asked all the time if my Gilda boots, which are very similar (black packard, a matte-ish black, no sparklies, same heel, also from the Zita collection), are comfortable to wear.  Yes, but I'm used to wearing heels.  Docs are always stiff in the beginning, and I put a pair of Dr. Scholl's inserts in them to give me a little extra cushioning.  I expect these will be the same as all my others, and feel the same as the Gildas.

If you like the Gildas in the Oxblood shade, they're down to $138 at, by the way.  Grab a pair before they run out!

I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Oh God, those look amazing! May I suggest a future outfit post with these beauties? :)


    1. I should - although I always feel a bit dorky asking someone "can you take a picture of my outfit?" for some reason. My camera does have a timer, I should take a minute and figure out how to use it!