Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geek Chic 4 shadow swatches

Here's the other four shadow samples from Geek Chic. Shadows were applied with a dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin. Photos outside with no flash.


My arm is a bit red, the sunburn has faded but it's from some tape that was on my arm. I was rough taping up some curtains to get an idea how much I needed to hem and had strips of tape on my arm for convenience.


Closeups. As we all know, shadows can be a bit shy about showing their sparkliness, unless they're not the center of the photo. So I try to get them in the background where they like to show off. Geek Chic's descriptions listed as well.


Sexy in Suspenders - pale fawny satin with a bright, unlikely blue highlight and choc full of blue and purple sparkles.
cin's note - this is one of those ones you've got to try on to see. It's really lovely, and I'm wearing it as I type this up.


Smushroom is a rockin' cocoa brown with nice shimmer to it. Great for the girl who is down with the natural look.


Inevitable Betrayal is a reflective golden-toned dinosaury-green.


All Love Is Unrequited is a blackened red-violet with red and purple shimmer
cin's note: another "you've gotta try it" shade, really gorgeous in person.

I hope you've found the swatches helpful. Thanks for looking!

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