Friday, August 17, 2012

Evil Shades - Girl on Fire, the City, Simply Grey, Double Barrel swatches

I ordered a few shadow samples from Evil Shades. These are swatched with a damp wet/dry brush on bare skin, taken outside with no flash. They're all very sparkly and damnit, they don't want to show it in the pics!



Closeups with Evil Shades color descriptions.


Girl on Fire is a Limited Edition. Warm firey metallic red base with molten flecks of gold and red sparkle.


The City is another LE. Cold metallic silver base lit up with black and pink holographic glitter. (you can see the sparkliness in the Girl on Fire pic)


Simply Grey is a velvety matte grey base with an unexpected aqua shift which in some lighting twists the base to appear grey/violet and then is kissed with a sweet pink shimmer.


Double Barrel is Gun Metal gray with multi color shimmer.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful. Thanks for looking!

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