Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brazen Bettie and Dita Brow Powder Swatches

I ordered 3g minis of Brazen's brow powders, Bettie and Dita. Bettie is a rich black, Dita is a blue black.

The thicker swatch was applied with a damp wet/dry brush, the thinner swatch was applied using a dry brow brush (very stiff flat liner type). All photos taken outside, no flash, after a thunderstorm. Last photo was inside, no flash. I don't know why my arm looks so red. It's not sunburned, I think it was the sun being weird while I was taking pics.







Inside no flash

I use either Bettie or Dita, whichever jar I grab first. Dita does give a nice hint of blue, and Bettie is the best black brow powder I've ever used! I don't set it with any clear gel, although I suppose I ought to.

I've been told by many a sales associate at various makeup counters and stores that it's recommended to use a shade lighter than your hair for your brows, if your hair is dark. And if your hair is light, go a shade darker. I've used dark brown on my brows and it doesn't make me happy. Brown brows with black hair = no thanks. My look isn't traditional anyway, so I stick with the black. My brows aren't sparse, but they are light brown, and the ends sort of disappear unless I darken them. I think darkening them enhances my eyes overall. For the record, yes, I've used brow tints and even dabbed a bit of hair color on my brows, but it never lasts.

I hope you've found these swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Dita looks really cool, I was going to buy it but never got around to it and now I'm planning on going blonde again.

  2. I like them both. When I have black hair I prefer black brows, too.

  3. Oooh, I'm glad you liked the brow powders. I've been loving them and really appreciate being able to mix them for the perfect color. :-)