Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Wednesday

Yes, I've been neglecting the blog lately. Here's some pictures of the front yard, with a few closeups of some of the flowers. They started blooming in mid/late June, and new types keep popping up. Beats me what most of them are called.









There's still grass/weeds in the wildflowers, but I expect each year there will be less of those and more wildflowers. This is only year #2, and this year it's most of the front yard.

Anyone thinking "OMG I'd hate to be their neighbors!" don't worry, I'm not in a development. I'm in an area where privacy and nature are both well respected, and the few neighbors I have seen (if I'm outside at the mailbox and they drive past) have all expressed their appreciation of our yard.

We've got a ridiculous amount of butterflies! There's loads of bees, crickets, ladybugs, a few praying mantis, and various other flying creatures that spend hours in the flowers. The deer love it. The fawns tend to snuggle up at the edge, where the flowers begin, right near the woods.

It's environmentally friendly - all that nature, don't have to water the lawn, don't have to cut it (although the perimeter is well maintained) so we're saving the time it would take to cut it plus the fuel.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Pretty sure the last one is a poppy :-)

  2. The little white tufts are alyssum (aka sweet alyssum). It's one of my favorite flowering plants due to the delicate look and heavenly smell. I planted a bunch of it around my yard. Your front yard/meadow is to be envied. I miss my time growing up on our ranch where things other than weeds grew wild.

    1. Thanks!! I love those ones, they do smell really nice and there's loads of them all over. The butterflies really like them too.