Tuesday, July 24, 2012

L'oreal Infallible Shadows Liquid Diamond and Smoldering Plum swatches

When were additional shades released? I have no idea! I was at the store last Thursday and noticed the usual L'oreal Infallible shadow display with the same shades, but across the aisle was a second display with more shades. It would've made more sense to put them next to each other. It was on a high shelf and I had to try and move the display without everything falling out. I grabbed Liquid Diamond and Smoldering Plum. I thought about Glistening Garnet but decided that could wait.

Here's the shade chart, courtesy lorealparisusa.com. Please note that there are different shades in the USA than Europe and Australia. Sorry for the teeny tiny labels, but I thought it would make it easier than listing them and having you have to count each row to see what's what.


Here's the two shades I bought.



My arm is very pink. I was fishing in the river yesterday and despite repeated sunscreen applications, I still got a bit of a burn.


this pic is inside, no flash

it's much more sparkly in person, loads of multicolor shimmer in melted silver

blackened plummy purple with multi shimmer

I'd like to try Bottomless Java and perhaps Bronzed Taupe, but the store was out of those two shades.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

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