Thursday, July 12, 2012

Illamasqua Mail

I snatched up some Illamasqua during the recent 60% off sale. I think I might be a bit concerned that certain shades aren't listed on their site anymore, but I'm hoping they're just reformulating.

I love seeing the black box in my mailbox.
Red bloodstain sticker over my addy, for obvious reasons.

open it up

what's inside?

ooooh, yummy!

I purchased:
Cream Foundation in 115 for £10.00
Powder Foundation in 105 for £10.00
Under Eye Concealer in 105 for £11.70
Concealer in 105 for £5.00
Concealer in 115 for £5.00
Skin Base #2 for £22.50 (not on sale but I wanted to pick one up, I'm running low)

With the international shipping it came to £72.70, which was $117.00 USD. I ordered direct because even with the shipping, it was cheaper than ordering from Sephora, who didn't have some of the shades I wanted anyway. Yeah, twist my arm to place an Illamasqua order!

They put a sticker on the back of the Skin Base. I know Phyrra said the lettering rubbed off her original container (mine's a bit smudged but still legible), hopefully this will solve that problem!

I really hope they're not discontinuing shade 115, because it's been a lifesaver for me. 105/110 works fine as well, but 115 gives me just enough color without looking fake. I switched rosacea medication recently and it's helping, so I'm able to wear Skin Base much more often now. I do still want to try Skin Base #1, but will use my Christmas Sephora gift card on that.

I've never used the Powder foundation before, and normally avoid powders, but I thought it would be a great option to keep in my purse for quick touch ups.

I'm going to try and get swatch photos taken tomorrow, since the weekend forecast calls for thunderstorms. Thanks for looking!

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  1. 115 is my favorite from their powders, but I so strongly prefer the skin base! Nice haul :)