Friday, July 20, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes swatches

I placed a small order with Glamour Doll Eyes recently.



The glossy cards included a step by step explaining which shades to use and where to apply, an "eyelights 101", a third showed their most popular shades, another the new blogger collection, a couple of business cards, and lastly, an offer to receive a discount code on any full size jar after purchasing the sample. Lots of stuff, but all informative/helpful.

Ian studied the card showing the Blogger collection. He said he liked Grace's look the best :) He liked her dark hair and big smile!


Sample bags contain 1/8 tsp of product. The bags themselves are smaller than many companies use, but it's the standard amount of product for a sample baggie.

Shadows were applied with a damp wet/dry brush on bare skin.


I should've swatched fewer shades because they're a bit squished, sorry. It made labeling a bit harder, which is why the labels are all over the place in the second photo.

Closeups of each shade, plus GDE's description underneath.


From the Blogger collection - matte greyish taupe with purple undertones. This color was named and inspired by prettymaking.


From the Blogger collection - light tan with purple and blue sparkle. This color was named and inspired by gleamogirljoelle and rusticcomfort.


This color is a medium brown with a low sheen, almost matte, with a tiny bit of gold and green sparkle.


light beigish sheen with with silver shimmer


light to medium gray with a bit of sparkle
cin's note: This color is much prettier in person. It's more shimmery, and a great neutral for everyday wear. It's more beige than gray on me, but this is foiled.


hot pink with aqua sparkles.
cin's note: yes, it's created and named by Phyrra. I had to get it simply for that reason! It's gorgeous, of course.


silvery diamond glitter (unblended pigment). Also, a better view of Hollywood.


hologram silver glitter powder (unblended pigment). Hologram glitter doesn't really photograph well straight on. You can see it better in the above pic, it's unfocused but you can see the super sparkliness better that way.


light pink with purple undertones

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Katie's Storm is so pretty :)

  2. Aww, you picked up Obscure! Plus you did way better swatch of it than I did on my blog. :-)

    1. :)

      It's a great color, quickly becoming a go-to shade for me. Gotta get a full size!