Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation Plans

Summer vacation has begun. Ian's summer school program begins in July, and although it's more a playgroup with activities, the half day program will allow me to go to work for a couple of hours each day. Until it starts, I have to take him in with me. Fortunately I don't have to spend much time physically in the office, it'll be more stop by, pick things up, and get out as quickly as possible. No one wants to be stuck at work, much less a six and a half year old!

I also have some home school type lessons planned for him. We bought a large notebook, tabbed dividers, and plenty of loose leaf paper. He loves writing down various bits of information and has a lot in there already. I plan to tackle one subject daily, reading/comprehension, spelling, history, science, math, and whatever else we think of. Certainly music - he picked up a nice book about classical composers at Barnes & Noble the other day.

We also have kits that he's acquired over the year - Grow Magic Rocks, Crystal Garden Lab in a Bag, Grow Prehistoric Sea Monsters, Ladybug Habitat, and tickets to a local aquarium. These will work quite nicely with our lessons.

He loves learning and keeping him challenged IS a challenge. He's not one to sit and stare at the TV, he'd much prefer reading a book or quizzing everyone around him with Presidential trivia or other facts. I did take a peek at some of the local academic programs but none seemed to be the right fit for him, aside from the fact that they're all insanely expensive.

I bought him a basketball net a few days ago, and will start working with him on that. He's not into sports in the slightest, but we're not a sports household. I believe I've married one of the only men in the free world who does NOT watch baseball, football, hockey, boxing, NASCAR, basketball, tennis, golf, nor any other sporting event most guys watch. On rare occasion he'll watch rally racing or motocross, and I do mean rare occasion.

I've tried to teach Ian that it's not important to be great at sports, but to just have fun. He likes playing kickball (hard to do with just the 2 or 3 of us), play on his swings and slide, or a little baseball in the driveway. We also finally got our little Intex pool set up and he loves that. It's not big enough to really swim in (10' x 30") - but enough to cool off in. Keeping physically active is important, so I'll make sure we have outside playtime daily.

We're going to do some local trips to various places that peak his interest. He's a big history buff and there's plenty of places he'd love to see, particularly anything in connection with the Revolutionary War. The Continental Army spent more time in NJ than any other state, so there's plenty of interest points! We're not quite ready for overnight trips to Washington DC or Gettysburg, so hitting all the nearby areas is first on the list.

He's been interested in currency for a while too, and has a nice coin collection started. I bought a large coin box for him, but have to get the trays and organize everything. He's not interested in coins for their value, but enjoys the history behind the coins.

We're setting up playdates with school friends, which isn't the easiest thing with everyone having a crazy schedule. Whether we have someone over or meet up at the park for an hour, he enjoys playing with his friends.

In between work and Ian, there's the usual household responsibilities - cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, running errands.

I have so many items sitting here waiting for me to take pictures and get listed on various auction sites. My deadline is the end of the summer - if everything I have set aside isn't gone, it's all going to be donated.

I'm ready to start our bedroom - we've selected the paint color and I have to start working getting as much out of the room as possible and begin painting the trim. John will paint the ceiling (he's 6'5" so it's much easier for him to do it!) and the "cut in" painting, then I'll tackle the walls. It'll take a couple of days, and then we'll start on Ian's room!

He's changing his room's theme. It's been an "ocean" theme since he was 2 1/2, and he's ready for something new. He's got the new theme picked out, and no surprise that it's a patriotic/presidential theme. There's not much painting involved, but I do have to remove wall stickers (huge Walls of the Wild ones), clean up any adhesive, touch up some areas, and then redecorate. Part of the summer fun is hunting for the new decor. We bought him his own US flag for finishing kindergarten, and he's anxious to hang his prized prints - the Declaration of Independence and Washington Crossing the Delaware.

I don't post regularly as is, but with all that's going on, my blog will be neglected even further.

I hope all of you with kids enjoy your time with them and have a great summer vacation!


  1. Does he have any interest in foreign money?

    I have a penny from 1863 (or something). I find it fascinating to be able to hold something that was made during the civil war.

    1. He does have some foreign coins, but right now is focused on learning all he can about US currency. He'll likely start on the foreign coins after. He has lots of Canadian coins, a few from the UK, and even a 100 bill from Portugal.

      The older coins are his favorites too!