Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair - a Year Later

It's hard to believe my hair disaster was a year ago, but it's been a year and a week since it all started. Shall we review the awfulness?

Where I started, a few days before my first appointment to go from black to red.

After the first visit, lost roughly 8 inches and didn't get the color I wanted

After the second visit, where it went straight to hell

don't you just love those overprocessed blondish orange bits here and there? You know, since the overall uneven color wasn't bad enough, I got to have that too.

and a couple weeks after that when it really looked like shit since the color faded. Plus green tinges began to show too!
part 3 is here, if you're interested in what I was thinking about it all.

4 months later, salvation after finding a new salon and stylist, Sami.

I've posted the cuts & recolors that Sami has done over the course of the year. Here's the latest, from last week. Sami flat ironed it super straight, but I slept on it so it's messy. There's 4VR mixed in there but hard to see since it wasn't bright out.



The most damaged sections are now gone. Sami's had to cut my usually long layers much shorter to get rid of the damage, but it's been worth it. My hair feels good again, nice and soft and healthy.

I want to focus on letting it grow for a while. I'll still have Sami trim it every 6 weeks or so with the recolor, but only a tiny trim. I'm lucky that my hair has grown very quickly, even with multiple cuts from Sami over the last 8 months you can see it's still longer than where I was after the first cut when it just grazed my shoulders.

Here's my goal, this photo is from August 2009. I miss the length and really want to get the purple foils back. Maybe not as much purple as back then, but definitely need some purple in there!


Part of me wants to slap myself, since it seems like I went through this whole nightmare and only want to get back where I started! But what's done is done, chalk it up as a learning experience and remind myself not to do it again.


  1. I cannot believe it's been a whole year already. Time flies. I loved your hair back in 09 but I think what you've achieved more recently is equally as beautiful.