Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Darling Girl Swatches

Here's the remaining Darling Girl swatches from my recent order. Three of the shades - Aerial, Cornucopia, and Antiquity were free samples.

I applied the samples with a damp wet/dry shadow brush. All photos taken outside, no flash. They're a bit dark because a storm was rapidly approaching. Darling Girl's descriptions are below each single shade photo, with my thoughts underneath.



Adoration is a great creamy pearl.
a nice soft ivory shade, perfect for anything.

Bare Nekkid is a gorgeous, pinky-beige pearl.
a slightly peachy pink nude

Well Dressed is a strange mix between taupe, lilac and gray with a purple flash.
greige with purple shimmer, photo doesn't do the shade justice. Much prettier in person, and better foiled.

Aerial is a soft, wispy, sea foam green pearl with blue undertones

Cornucopia is a burnt orange with gold undertones and color shifting glitter, shifting from teal, blue to red.

Antiquity ???
I can't find a description of this on DG's page, sorry. It's a warmer mid golden pink shimmer shade. It wasn't in a sample bag, but a mini jar. I think it said "GWP" on the bottom as well. Sorry to be so clueless, whatever it is it's pretty.

Thanks for looking!

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