Monday, June 11, 2012

Darling Girl Neutral Swatches

I ended my 3 month long no buy with a small sample order from Darling Girl. I questioned myself about ordering - was I going to fall right back into the same old habit of buying everything and rebuilding my collection? NO. Not gonna let that happen again, thank you.

I applied each shade with a damp wet/dry shadow brush. Darling Girl's descriptions are below each single shade photo, with my thoughts underneath. Photos taken outside, no flash, bright sunny day that was rapidly turning dark.



"Corpse Candle is a sheer, light gray with violet sheen and purple iridescence."
Just the right amount of shimmer, sort of a red violet purple sheen. Very pretty.

"Dune is a semi-sheer, soft, creamy beige pearl, like the white sand beaches in Hawaii. It has a satin pearl finish."
kinda peachy pink on me

"Ramblin' Rose is a gorgeous ecru with a delicate red shift."
I can't help thinking about the crab boat Ramblin' Rose from Deadliest Catch. The captain annoys me, but the shadow is lovely!

"Saddle Up is a great, neutral, pinky-beige, satin pearl."
nice soft pinkish nude shade

"Calla is a soft, creamy off-white matte like the lovely leaves of a Calla Lily."
creamy ivory shade

"Gerard - Pale peachy pink with soft metallic silver undertones."
I kinda globbed up this swatch, sorry. Didn't redo it since I was racing a storm. Definitely metallic!

"Gypsum Rose is a dusty pink/mauve with a little gold sheen. When foiled, the gold is a little more prominent"
nice golden pink (I applied mine w/damp brush)

I didn't redo the Gerard swatch because a thunderstorm was racing in. I'm never really satisfied with my swatches, so any suggestions you have are always appreciated.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh, you evil girl, you, LOL. Tempting me yet into another purchase while I'm still in my "testing it up phase" (jk). Many of these colors are going on my to-buy list, especially Gypsum Rose and Gerard. Maybe Ramblin' Rose,too :-) -- Lisa

  2. We don't need it, we just want it. Badly.
    Yes, very familar. Just hang tight :)

    1. Yup ;)

      After my destash I ended up with 4 white shadows for highlighting, so one or two of these will replace those. I went with the minimal order though!

  3. Replies
    1. It's a pretty shade. I think I'll wear it today as a lid color. I've been trying to wear one or two each day and nix whatever doesn't work.