Thursday, April 5, 2012

Makeup Addiction and Burnout, Part 5 - the Binder Again

I started working on the binder again on Tuesday night. I waited til Ian was in bed, hubby was watching a little TV. I grabbed my binder, the box of cotton swabs, and page by page, began swatching every shade again.  **Sorry, some of the photos from my Photobucket account were deleted since this post was first published!**

Hubby wandered into the room, shook his head, and asked what I was doing. I explained and he just gave me another weird look. I told him stand still so I could use his arm to compare....he quickly went back to the TV ;)

I went shade by shade, starting with the easiest, the whites. Next I did the taupes / neutrals, then on to pinks. I had to do the pinks in sets, light pinks, medium pinks, berry pinks, then darker shades that bordered on reddish wine. Purples were tough, I think I have the most purples. I did those similarly. The final shades were the silvers/greys/blacks.

I eliminated another sixty three. Some of these were samples and some were full sizes, I didn't keep track of how many of each. I wanted to get it all done as quickly as possible, and it took about an hour and forty five minutes. Most shades were eliminated simply at first glance, but a few I had to set aside and finish swatching all the similar colors before I could decide which I liked best.

Here's fifty some of the axed shades. Again, no reflection upon the companies, I just have so many similar shades.


Here's what I packed up and sold to a friend. I mailed the package yesterday!


In some ways each round gets harder - these are all shades that have made it through previous cuts and I really like them. But it also gets easier, since there are fewer shades to compare. Swatching ten or fifteen light pink shades is much easier than thirty. I'm also getting more critical, really scrutinizing shades. Is it a touch too warm? Gone. Too much golden shimmer? Gone. Shifts green or blue? Gone. Does it look chalkier than a similar shade? Gone. There's lots of reasons for a shade to go, but the only reason for a shade to stay is that I love it.

Next step is to wear all the shades. I've been slowly working on this. Sometimes I really like a shade swatched on my arm, but they don't quite look as nice on my lids. This happened today with a silvery shade, and I didn't even bother putting it back in the binder after I put it on.

Part of me feels like I don't want to get rid of any more, but even after this latest round, I feel better knowing my stash is getting smaller. I didn't set a deadline for this whole project, but would really love it to be finished. It could take a few more weeks, it could take a few more months. I just have to keep pushing myself to continue.

Thanks for reading!  Part 6 is here.


  1. WOW. Well.. I'm glad you're feeling better about your stash getting smaller. I'm sure your friend appreciates it. ;)

    1. She does!

      I wore two different pink shades that made it through this latest cut, one Wednesday and one today, and neither made it back into the binder after I wore them all day. If this keeps up I'll reach my goal quickly.

  2. You can bet said friend DOES appreciate it! <3 It's all going to use for something extremely cool, many dancing divas are about to step out of their shells, I hope.

    Thank you again, Cin, for the help with this project! I suspect it will arrive tomorrow. It may be there today but with the in-laws visit being imminent I didn't get out to check today, too much to do here at the house before Monday!