Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dr Martens Leanne Boots

I ordered a pair of Dr. Martens Leanne boots in Black Alsina on April 1. They're normally $180 at DMUSA store, but had both black and brown for $124.95 with free shipping. When I checked out, they gave me an additional 5% off, so they were $118.70.

They arrived on the tenth, direct from Airwair USA in Portland (OR). I couldn't wait to rip the box open and try them on, so I didn't get a picture of them all wrapped up in that lovely DM tissue paper.


These have a wedge heel, which DM says is 3.2" but I'd say 3 1/2." I bought a pair of wedge heels two summers ago (sandal type) but they weren't wide enough and I only wore them twice before giving them away, so never really got a feel for the wedge. I wasn't sure what to expect with these. They're actually quite comfy. They don't feel like my feet are on as much of an angle as they are in either the Gilda boots (4" heel) or my older Darcie boots (3.5" heel). These feel very sturdy, and not at all like I'm wearing heels.



The toe isn't totally round, but not pointy. I know some ladies don't like pointed toes, but I like them.



The tongue is attached - there's a small hole punched into the tongue between the sixth and seventh holes from the top of the boot, and the laces thread through the tongue.


inside view

These boots zip up, so the tongue isn't as much of an issue as pairs that are lace up only. With lace up boots, you have to hold the tongue and keep readjusting it and pulling it up as you lace up. With older boots, the tongues tend to fall down so it can be a pain in the ass. I'd consider punching holes in the tongues of my lace up boots, but I'd add small grommets to make the lacing easier and less wear to the material. It would mean one more eye, but what's one more when you're already doing the rest? Hmmm, gotta think about this. I think adding rubbery grommets to these might be a possibility too, since metal could snag my tights. Even though they're zip up, don't wanna stress the material and risk a tear.

side view

black hardware. See the 4th hole down, that's where the holes in the tongue are.

When I bought the Gilda boots, fantastically beautiful Blix commented that she wasn't a fan of the gold hardware they came with. I agree. I'm not a gold fan either, and if there was an option for either black or silver hardware, I'd have taken either of them over the gold. The black hardware on these makes me think that black or silver hardware would've made the Gildas perfect.

I wore them to work on Wednesday, unaware that I'd be moving offices yet again. Crawling around under the desk to move my computer, sliding the desk around, emptying the drawers, and vacuuming the carpet - jeez, I should have worn something else! But they were super comfy even with all that. I stopped at the grocery store, then came home and had them on for another hour or so. They felt great. Not as cushiony inside as the clog Unas I just bought, but much better than most of my Docs.

These feel slightly more narrow in the toe than my older Docs, but still fit my wide feet quite nicely. There was enough room and the top of my foot didn't press up against the inside of the boot, which it does in many shoes.

It was overcast all day. Here's a quick pic I snapped this morning before I left for work, wearing a black just below the knee length dress and black tights underneath. The flash went off in the pic, which slightly washed the colors.


The weather didn't really improve and I snapped a few more pics around 7:40pm, again using the flash. No tights this time. I'd like to get a nice outside no flash picture but not sure when the sun plans on coming out.



The boots, laced from the factory, fit my calf perfectly. Wrapping a tape measure around the widest part of my calf, it's 14 1/8." The boots do zip up, but you can loosen the laces for a little extra room. You could pull them slightly tighter to make them more narrow. They are just a teeny bit big around my ankles, but all my boots are like that. The downside to that is the material wrinkles a little, but hey, it's leather and not something like microfiber or pvc that will really fit snugly. It means I can wear a decent pair of socks with them during cooler weather to keep my feet warm :)

I forgot to take a picture of the bottom of the boots. It's getting late and I don't want to wake hubby up digging in my closet for them now, so I'll show you this picture from DM. It's not their usual boot sole, and not as rugged as the Gildas, but still good and sturdy. Don't look at the heel area and think it's too narrow and will make you feel wobbly. These are really nice.


All in all, these are great boots, especially since I got them for a good price. I'd consider a shorter version of these boots in the future, the ten eye Marcie or another wedge heel if/when DM comes out with one.

These are my Mother's Day gift from hubby and Ian....but I'm going to wear them early. Thanks for looking, and hope you've found this helpful!


  1. Those are beautiful!!! I might have to put these on my X-mas wish list. :)

    I'm going to post this in my Ladies in Black facebook group b/c I know some of them will get all grabby hands over these boots. :)

    1. You NEED these boots on your wish list!

      I'd recommend these over the Gildas - even though I think the skinny heel of the Gilda boots is more sexy, these are more comfy, more practical for daily wear. Make sure your LiB group searches for the best price!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE that ! I think I'll put them on my Xmas wish list too !

  3. Those boots are sexy as hell! I would totally rock those with a pair of leggings.

    1. Although I think the Gilda boots are sexier with the pointy toe/thin heel, I know I'll wear these more. I wore the all day today, just took 'em off and my feet feel great.

  4. They look great! I was going to order some (my reg size is US 6 so it would be UK 4) but I'm worried they run big and don't want to end up with baggy boots. :) Since there's no half sizes I'm reluctant to order a ful size smaller than normal. May I ask what you thought of the sizing?

    1. I feel all the non-UK made Docs run about a half size small. I wear a US 7 1/2, and in all my old UK made Docs a 7 fit fine, but with the non UK made ones I feel going up to the 8 works best.

      They don't feel too big by me going up to the 8, they feel just right. I hope that helps! (BTW wherever you order them from, check the return policy just in case!)