Monday, April 9, 2012

Cut & Recolor

Another cut (trim) and recolor last week. Last visit, I'd mentioned to my wonderful stylist Sami that I wanted to start moving away from the reddish and back towards purple. She'd used 4VR which looked great for the first two weeks, but would start getting more red than I wanted after that.

She used the usual not quite black mix and this time went with 3VR for the highlighted areas, which turned out nice. Inside it looks pretty much black, but when I'm outside you can see hints of purpley reddish. When the bright sun goes through it looks more red, but it's not like I'm out walking around with a sunbeam on me all the time. I guess time will tell if the 3VR is a keeper.

She also trimmed my hair, then blew it out. It's slept on in the pics, so slightly messy but still way better than I can ever manage to do myself.

The first few pics are outside, pretty sunny but directly overhead, you can see the violet tinges.




Here's a little later in the day, with a different lippy on. The sun was lower in the sky and right in back of me, so my hair looks redder.


I'll go back in another 5 weeks for another trim and recolor. Thanks for looking.


  1. I like this cut and color on you a lot :-) It's "softer" and makes you look younger (and sexy, too)!

    1. Thanks. I was hesitant when Sami first told me no black but it is much softer and overall more flattering. That's never a bad thing!

  2. Wow, Cin! You look magnificent. I love love love the haircut and color. You can really see the layers from the side and it's less full around the sides of your face which is very flattering. I'm getting my hair cut/highlights next week and I think I'm going to ask her to raise my layers up a little higher.

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see your cut!