Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush #'s 5, 10, 40, 45 swatches

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I picked up four different shades over the past few weeks, before my no buy went into effect. They're in the $6.50 (each) range, but I paid as little as $4.99 at a supermarket.

05 Fresh Pink
10 Pink Frosting
40 Plum Pink
45 Orchid Hush

I wanted to try 15 Rose Petal but none of the stores I went to had it. Several stores had very limited shades, usually 50 Plum Wine and 70 Hot Tamale. Double check any you plan to buy, it seems everyone likes to pop open the lids and sample them.

#40 is a little dented. Ian couldn't resist sticking his fingers in it.


Photobucket gives the following info:

Revolutionary gel formula provides a new bouncy texture.
Lightweight like a powder, yet melts seamlessly into skin like a cream
Natural sheer wash of color that is buildable for greater color intensity

I switched to cream blush a while ago; I avoid powder on my face whenever possible, including foundation, blush, and any finishing or correcting powders. It just sits on my dry skin and doesn't look nice.

All four of these shades work for me, even though 2 are on the warmer side and 2 are cooler. #45 Orchid Blush is my favorite, but the others do give me a pop of brighter color that I need from time to time.

I only use a minimal amount. The apples of my cheeks are usually reddish, and then higher up along the tops of my cheekbones, closer to my hairline, it gets redder again. I apply blush in the small area between these redder spots to blend it all in to appear as if it's well placed blush. Some days I'm not as red and I can apply a bit more. It's always a case of trying to make my rosacea work for me to look like a natural flush.

The blush can be applied either with fingertips or a brush; I prefer a small tapered facial brush. This also prevents the blush from squishing out of the container. Unless of course, you have a 6 year old who can't resist sticking his fingers in your blush too see if it really bounces.

They last a full day on my skin, and remove easily with my usually nighttime routine of olive oil for makeup removal followed by a mild soap wash.

I felt the shades were a little too close in color on my skin, but still enough that you could see variations. I'd like to see a wider range of colors, including a more purple toned plum. I'd definitely buy that!


  1. I might have to pick up Plum Pink, they're all very pretty!

  2. M favorite is #45, I love how soft it is with a subtle hint of lilac. It is what I wish MAC's Blush Ombre in "Azalea Blossom" would have been