Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Too Cool, Tough as Taupe, Audacious Asphalt

I picked up three neutral shades of the Maybelline Eye Color Studio 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadows at WalMart. They had them in two different places, one display box on the side of an end cap which was ravaged. I found a second display in the aisle with all the other Maybelline items, and that one was better stocked.

These were $5.84 for .14 oz / 4g. They're made in USA. I wanted to stick with neutrals, even though there are some wonderfully vivid shades available.


Tough as Taupe is a bit darker than what I'd call taupe, but a very wearable shade. All of these shades look good alone or with loose shadow patted on top for extra sparkly goodness.




A small, flat brush is recommended for these shadows. For the swatches, I used a tapered wet/dry brush. The shadow goes on creamy, blends easily after it's applied, no blobs or gloppiness (this means you, MUFE Aqua Cream in Snow). Like many cream products, if you wait too long to blend, it becomes more difficult. I've used all three shades and they all lasted 8 hours, no creasing.

Just a weird note, when I swept the brush across the top of the Tough as Taupe, the cream in the jar looked kinda grey. First I thought my brush had something on it, but nope. (I wash my shadow brushes daily, since I never know what shades I'll want to use from day to day.) I used a cotton swab and same thing, so it's just something about that color. The other two didn't look any different in the jar after I used them.

These are in glass jars with plastic lids. I gave the lid on one a really tight twist and the lid didn't crack. I used DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil to remove these shadows, and they came off cleanly with no staining. I don't know if any of the vibrant colorful shades will stain skin.

I know lots of ladies are comparing them to MAC's Paint Pots. I don't have any of them simply because I can't see spending $17.50 on one. But I like them much better than the three MUFE Aqua Cream shades I purchased. After using those a few times, I passed them to a friend. These Color Tattoo creams make me want to go buy the Painted Purple and Pomegranate Punk shades. These are definitely worth the $5.84!

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