Monday, January 30, 2012

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I ordered this with my QVC order from a couple of weeks ago. Here's the QVC link which also contains a how to video.


$46 for 50mL / 1.7 fl oz
at QVC.

Pricey compared to lots of other oils but it works for me. When I find something that works, I don't mind paying for it. Note there's a special, $5 off each additional bottle, so order with all your friends.

I had a weeklong battle with a cold which left my skin flaky and hyperdry from the decongestants. The first night I put a few drops on my face, gently rubbed it in, and could instantly feel a difference. The next morning, my skin felt only regular dry, and within a couple of days, I started to remember what it felt like to have normal skin. Whether it'll do anything for my rosacea or fine lines, only time will tell. I've been using it day and night, and after a couple of days found that I can skip the moisturizer. I normally use an intensive moisturizer during the day, so that's saying something.


It's a thinner consistency than the vitamin E skin oil I was using. Sorry I can't think of anything to compare it to - maybe something like sunflower oil? It feels light. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky on me, but again, I'm dry. Although the video says to use 2-3 drops, I use 6. Using the glass dropper and my head tilted back, I apply a drop in the center of my forehead, one at each temple, one on each cheek, and a final drop on my neck. I gently tap the dropper at the top of the bottle to avoid losing any, since this stuff is practically liquid gold for me.

It's packaged in the little bamboo box. My son promptly took the box to stash some awesome kid things in - a matchbox car, stickers, and a temporary tattoo. There's small foam pieces around the top and bottom for packing, btw. Nice purple bottle, which can happily sit on my bathroom counter instead of having to be hidden away.

Would oily skinned ladies enjoy this? Well, depends on the person. It's something you'd have to try before buying a whole bottle. I don't know when QVC's exclusive ends on this, but keep your eyes open for it at Sephora or Ulta to try a little if you're oily or normal. Dry skinned ladies, you need this.

Thanks for looking, and hope this has been helpful!

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