Friday, December 23, 2011

Cut & Recolor

Another trim and recolor. Sami cut my long layers a bit shorter to help remove some of the bulk. I'm happy that my hair seems to be growing at a decent rate. I plan on having her trim it every visit (5-6 weeks) and someday all the damage from my recent hair disaster will be gone.

I'd been thinking about the red the last couple of days. I do like the 6VR bits, but because of the damage underneath it slowly starts fading and turning a shade that's much warmer than I'd like. I kinda miss my purple highlights, but I try to remind myself to stay in a certain "normal" color range, for various reasons. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted, definitely darker, but still vivid without being obnoxious. Does that make sense?

I asked Sami about a burgundy / cranberry shade, and she showed me a few swatches. We both liked 4VR, which is obviously darker than the 6, and while it's not in your face, it shows up nicely in the sun. I'm pleased with the results.

It's slept on so a tad messy, but still much nicer than my usual wreck. Someday I'll learn how to blow it out.

this is outside with no flash, you can see it but it's not overwhelming

with the flash it's much more obvious


Wow, about 30 seconds of sunlight! I used the flash anyway.


Someone remind me to stop trying to go a little lighter. I attempt it now and then and always end up going dark. It just doesn't feel right.

Thanks for looking!

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