Monday, October 10, 2011

A Very Long Hair Story - Part Two.

My second salon appointment was 10 weeks later. I'd known all along the black might not come out, so I was willing to give Amy another chance at getting my hair closer to red. My second appointment was also set up as an open one, with blocks of time set aside. It was three and a half hours, not including drive time.

The assistant Mark no longer worked at the salon. Another assistant, Sue, helped this time. There were scheduling issues with overlapping clients, which caused small delays (5 to 10 minutes) between each step.

Here's what happened:

Amy put bleach on (in foils) to add in more highlights
Sue rinsed and washed me
Amy added color to the bleached areas
Sue rinsed and washed me again
Amy added more color all over
Sue rinsed and washed me again, and during this wash water poured down the side of my neck and front, soaking my shirt.

I sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes. The dryer and timer both shut off, but it took about 15 minutes before anyone checked on me.

Amy turned the dryer back on for another 15 minutes. I waited approx 20 minutes before anyone checked on me. Amy had another client sitting across from me under a dryer, and a third client in her chair. As soon as the third client was moved to the wash area, Amy brought me to her chair and started to dry my hair with the regular hair dryer. She noticed some "blonde" pieces and had Sue mix up some additional color to apply on these areas.

Amy applied the glaze to the entire top of my head
Sue rinsed and washed me again
Amy had me sit under the dryer for about 20 minutes

Amy brought me back to her chair and looked through my hair. She told me I'd be very happy and that on my next visit, she'd do more highlights and lowlights and I'd reach my goal. The lighting wasn't great but it looked ok. I was tired, hungry, wet, and just wanted to leave.

When I got home I really looked carefully and was unhappy with the results. I didn't take any pictures then. The first three pictures were taken Sept 27, four and a half weeks later, and the color had lightened during this time.

without flash. You can see bits of blonde closer to the front and scattered throughout, which have a slight green tinge in person.

with flash, the red is more vivid, but you can the color is uneven.

the back, also very uneven.

I took these pictures October 5. Honestly, it looks better in the pictures than in person.



In direct sunlight, it looked a bit better.


I should have called Amy immediately - or even within a week or two - to let her know I was dissatisfied with the results. I didn't want Amy or the owner of the salon to ask me to come back and let either of them correct it. I felt I'd given Amy the opportunity to get me closer to my goal with the second appointment. I though this appointment took me in the wrong direction, and I couldn't take the chance of a third attempt.

My hair had suffered damage, worse in some spots than others. This really pissed me off, because I could've fucked it up at home for far less money and in far less time.

See, I told you this was a long story. Thanks for being patient and sticking with me through it. Part Three to follow.

Very Long Hair Story Part Three - click here. 


  1. I actually quite like it! It's quite different. And I love the volume and curl of your hair too.

    From what I can see from the colour now, you could probably just put a red dye through it now and it should take rather well. Bitch of a hairdresser though! I'll tell you what I tell everyone else - go to a hairdresser that caters specifically to elderly women. They know how to take care of hair and have a lot more experience with not fucking it up.

  2. It does look considerably better in the pictures. In person, it's a complete wreck :(