Thursday, September 29, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV swatches

I purchased this UD collection a few weeks ago at Ulta for $64. These are swatched over UDPP, on a very overcast day.





Color Descriptions, my thoughts italicized where I had anything to add.

Blue Bus - bright blue w/ purple shimmer

Gunmetal - dark metallic silver w/silver sparkle
dark grey, super shimmery

Cobra - sooty black w/golden shimmer

Baked - shimmering bright copper
solid gold, not coppery on me

Bender - shimmering dark mossy green

Lost - shimmering dark brown
bronzed brown

Hijack - greyish green w/blue and green shimmer

Midnight Cowgirl - shimmering gold w/gold sparkle
soft peachy gold

Sin - shimmering champagne
slightly pinky peach

Midnight Rodeo - metallic medium brown w/silver and gold glitter
copper - like a melted penny

Crystal - light silvery blue w/multi-dimensional shimmer
this looked more silver with greenish purple peeking through

Bust - taupe brown w/subtle gray shimmer
medium chocolate

Missionary - light taupe w/pink shimmer

Skimp - shimmering ultra-light nude

Zephyr - shimmering off white

This comes with some small extras - a 24/7 waterproof liner in Perversion (black) which has a brush wand instead of the pen type. Personally, I prefer the brush applicator. It also has a black Supercurl Curling mascara, and original Primer Potion.

It also comes with a mini speaker to attach to my phone or mp3 player, and the cables as well. I suppose that's cute, but frankly, I'd prefer to leave the gimmicky stuff out and give me another makeup product, perhaps a lip pencil or gloss, blush, bronzer, or small setting spray? I realize UD is targeting a younger buyer, but I feel they've missed the opportunity to get me hooked on another product.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

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