Friday, August 19, 2011

Urban Decay Naked palette swatches

I've been on the fence about this palette for some time. I finally picked it up at Ulta the other day, $48. It came with a "Good Karma Shadow Brush and a sample sized Primer Potion.

I know you've all seen it a million times but here's a pic anyway.

Instead of trying to squish all 12 shades on my arm at once, I did 6 and 6. It was ridiculously bright out, a nice day sandwiched in between loads of thunderstorms.

First 6 shades, swatched over UDPP.





The next 6 shades, also over UDPP.





Color descriptions (from Sephora's website) with my thoughts italicized

Virgin - nude satin
a super soft nude, great highlight shade

Sin - champagne shimmer
shimmery just barely pink tinged champagne

Naked - buff matte
nice lighter brown matte shade

Sidecar - beige sparkle
super shimmery golden beige

Buck - brown matte
solid leather-like brown, Naked's sinister darker sister

Half Baked - bronze
super shimmery golden bronze

Smog - golden brown shimmer
gingerbread bronze

Darkhorse - bronze-plum shimmer
med/dark brown; the plum didn't come through on me

Toasted - taupe-bronze
a melted penny, almost rosy metallic copper

Hustle - mocha shimmer
med/dark plummy brown (maybe the plum from Darkhorse is really here?)

Creep - near-black metallic
black with predominantly blue/purple shimmer coming through on me

Gunmetal - dark grey metallic
shimmery grey with multi sparkle

After I did the swatches I thought I should sell this off right away. Today I decided I'd keep it, since there's really only 2 shades I won't use - Half Baked and Smog. Sidecar and Darkhorse are both iffy for me, I might sneak a bit of each in somewhere.

I used Virgin on my lid & browbone, which is a wonderful shade. I added some Naked in the crease, then the tiniest bit of Buck over that. I used a little Sin between the crease & browbone to help blend it all in. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

It's been a while since I've had any UD shadows. I'll likely pick up a few singles on my next trip.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!

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