Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too Faced Smokey Eye palette swatches

Here's the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette swatches. This palette did not come with anything else - no primer sample like the Matte Eye palette, no brush in a little drawer underneath like the Naked Eye palette. It did contain three cards which showed how to apply the shadow.


I've only labeled the shades on the first of each set of pics instead of all of them. I think it's easy enough to see what's what, and I'd like to get to bed at a somewhat decent hour. This getting up at 7am is downright silly, and hard to adjust to when I'm used to going to bed around 2am.







Too Faced color descriptions, anything I have to add italicized.

Firefly - silvery taupe
Really light, I want to say almost champagne in color, not quite dark enough on me to be taupe. Gorgeous!

Cloves - bronzey brown

Up in Smoke - black brown
pearlescent dark brown

White Lie - sugar white
you're delicious, dreaming, slack jawed, green eyed.....oh wait, got sidetracked there. Shimmery icing sugar.

Nice Ash - charcoal
medium grey with multi shimmer, really gorgeous in person and so much more than plain old charcoal!

Smokin Hot - matte black

In a Flash - silver shimmer

Smoking Jacket - black plum
this came through as more shimmery plum, really lovely, but not what I'd consider black plum.

Smolder - matte navy

I really like Firefly and think I'll get a lot of use out of that one. I also really like Nice Ash, it's much prettier in person than in the pics, and of course Smoking Jacket, because the world needs more purple.

Hope these pictures have helped, and thanks for looking.

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