Thursday, July 28, 2011

Morgana Lip Balm swatches - 6 shades

I ordered some Morgana lip balms which arrived on Saturday. Yay! I wore Diabolical Druscilla on Wednesday. I put it on before leaving the house at 8:15. It stayed on through my morning coffee and Cliff Bar (which I take to work with me and eat at my desk), and most of it stayed on through lunch (omelette) except the center of my lips. I reapplied and held up til I took it off before supper. Felt nice, like a balm, not sticky, not icky, not goopy, and highly pigmented.


It's crazy bright outside, this really shows off the colors. No flash.




For my "with flash" photos, I had to stand under the awning. It's so bright out that using the flash completely washed out the pictures. I like to take a "no flash" and "with flash" pic in the same spot for comparison, but it's just impossible today.




There are 50 shades in Morgana's lip balm collection, because she's truly evil. I'm going to have to place another order and get about a dozen or so shades I didn't order because I was trying to show some restraint.

Morgana's color descriptions, my thoughts italicized after.

Countess Bathory - cool toned red with a hint of violet sheen
Everyone needs a great red lip balm, and this one is lovely!

- pink with a orange-gold sheen
I'm not normally a fan of orange or gold but this has a really pretty shimmer to it.

Diabolical Druscilla
- hot pink with a violet sheen and hints of turquoise twinkles
my favorite of these 6, gorgeous shade!

Heliotrope - violet with a pink tint
This matches both the nail polish I'm wearing and my purse, which I didn't realize when I ordered it. I tend to go for darker purples but this shade just keeps jumping out at me!

- mauve-brown with a hint of pink-violet sheen
more brownish red on me, nice deep shade.

- greyish-blue with purple and green sparkles
the sparkle comes through nicely. It' more greyish purple on me than blue, but that could be the sparkle. Plus you know I see purple everywhere.

Ok, so why do I swatch lip products on my arm and not show them to you on my lips? I suck at lip shots. I see so many great lips on other blogs and mine just aren't up to par. I don't want to not include lip product swatches, but haven't figured out how to get pics I'm satisfied with.

I hope you've found these pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. So absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to get my hands on some!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to grab some. I was considering it anyway but this cinched it!