Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fyrinnae Shadow Swatches

I placed a small Fyrinnae order on 7/7, and it arrived much faster than I'd anticipated (7/16). I only ordered 8 samples, and received 1 free (Montalivet). I've had some of these shades before but who knows what I did with them. These are swatched over a thin layer of UDPP.

Panda paper!





Fyrinnae's color descriptions, with my thoughts italicized. I write down my thoughts on the colors without having checked their descriptions, so I may not have much to add.

Crimson Ghost - Satiny ivory-pink in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has a soft glow of light red shimmer in varying hues. Try applying over a black base (shadow, cream liner, etc) for a great effect.
The reddish hint really does come through, somewhat goldenish too.

Montalivet - Soft shimmery golden-copper beige. Somewhat sheer, and works great as a highlight or to liven up a matte shadow.
Sort of peachy orange shimmery shade on me.

Atomic Afterglow
- Silvery-taupe with highlights of copper and gold. Less sparkly, more multi-hued, and with a darker base than our Platinum.
I wrote dark taupe/grey with orangey shimmer

Snow Leopard - A soft, deep taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose. Very versatile.
Golden rosy taupe

- Sparkling, somewhat silvery deep taupe.
looks kinda chocolatey pinkish on me.

Koala - A medium rosy taupe, this shade has a satin finish, but gives off a little more shine when applied wet.
Dusty pinkish/taupeish

Ravens & Writings Desk - Nearly matte with a slight satiny finish, this is a rich, deep mauve shade. Buttery-soft, no crumbs.
medium orchid, less shimmer than the others, sorta pearlescent

Knickers in a Twist
- This shade is a deep taupe with subtle bronze sparkle. Similar to Snow Leopard in hue, but darker and without the red shimmer.
looks like a cup of hot cocoa, rosy brown and yummy

Warrior Magic
- Gleaming, sparkly silver with a greenish highlight that changes to pink and soft gold, enhanced by glowing blue sparkle.
greenish grey with a plethora of sparkle.

Warrior Magic is not currently listed on their website - not sure if it's been discontinued or temporarily unavailable. I ordered it on July 7, and I'm writing this on the 18th. Hmmm. Well, if it reappears, grab one.

I haven't had much time to swatch lately, so I was trying to get a bunch done today before thunderstorms hit. Once I went to label the pictures, I realized I should've left more room between the shades to list the names. I don't like to put too many shades in one photo for that very reason, but with such a small order I figured might as well get them all in on one post.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. I MUST have Atomic Afterglow!

  2. Atomic Afterglow is a shade I thought I wouldn't like, but I keep looking at it. It's intriguing!

  3. I have Atomic Afterglow and it constantly amazes me, it goes with everything! Thanks for the swatches, Montalivet and Snow Leopard are in my next order for sure.