Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Rose Minerals swatches - pinks and purples

Some more Black Rose Minerals swatches for you. I took these on an overcast day - the sun would poke through and I'd attempt some pictures, but not all turned out bright enough. I tried to use the "auto fix" color correction feature but it made them look really weird. I did lighten two of them up, adjusting the brightness, and it's noted which two in the pics.





Black Rose Mineral's Color Descriptions - Ian decided to borrow some paper, which had my color notes written on the sheets, so no comments from me.

- How sweet it is! A medium rosy pink with just a hint of shimmer. This shade really pops as a warm pink. Worn dry it brings out a rosy glow, wet turns it into a bubblegum pop.

Candy Floss
- This pearly pink has a golden duotone and a touch of green sparkle. It's a delicate metallic finish when worn wet, but can be delicate or vibrant when worn dry depending on how much is packed onto the lid.

the Brain
- My, what a big brain you have… This light pink shimmers and shines with bright highlights. Heavy on the shimmer when dry, wet deepens the shade and gives it a more delicate sheen.

- Presto! This shade borders on pink and lavender. Light and delicate with shimmery blue highlights. Dry has a sheer finish, while wet brings a deeper pinky-violet metallic finish.

Sweet Pea - Reminiscent of the flower of the same name. A delicate pink bordering on the edge of lavender with a very shimmery finish. Appears true to color both wet and dry.

Vertigo - Don't lose your balance, this one may knock your socks off. An electric metallic lavender when wet with an explosion of red and purple shimmer. Worn dry, it almost has an electric glow with glitter to bring out the highlights. Best worn using a sticky base.

The next batch I managed to get mostly sunny shots, which look better.





Black Rose Minerals color descriptions:

Mome Rath - This shocking violet nearly glows on its own. Magenta undertones add to the appeal. Wet or dry you get great coverage and a shimmery finish.

Hocus Pocus
- A magical magenta hue with violet highlights and aqua and purple shimmer. Extremely shimmery both wet and dry. Heavy color coverage provides all day satisfaction. Best worn with a sticky base.

Jessica's Favorite - Perfect for vixens of all shapes and sizes. A shimmery violet with magenta hues. Very shimmery and metallic when wet and glitters dry.

- A vibrant high-shimmer purple with a pinkish metallic shine and a touch of turquoise and pink glitter. The violet tones are accentuated when worn wet. The beautiful glitter finish shows best when worn dry.

- Warm fields of sunshine soaked grapevines, aged and dried, crushed down and offered to the joyous god of lust and celebration. And we’ve harnessed the essence just for you in one gorgeous matte shade! This light purple is true to color dry, wet a darker tone is revealed and has fabulous smooth texture.

- Her bite is definitely worse than her bark… This shimmery violet has magenta hues shimmering under pink iridescent glitter. We recommend a sticky base or wear wet to bring out the intense shine.

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  1. Vertigo, Candy Floss, Glam and Venom are just gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely swatches, I need to try Black Rose sometime :)