Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Rose Minerals - neutral shade swatches

Some Black Rose Minerals neutral shade swatches. My arms are slightly sunburned and appear a bit more pink near the first two shades, Sponge and Zealous. Ouch.

All swatches over a thin layer of UDPP.



sorry about the shadow - it's from my other arm while taking the photo.




Black Rose Minerals color descriptions, with my thoughts italicized

- This delicate yellow borders on white. A pearlescent sheer finish when dry and a shiny shade of pale yellow glistens when wet.
It's like the antique white color my Mom used to paint all the walls, but in a good way, ivory with that hint of yellow.

- A light coppery orange, it gives a certain zest to highlight a warm look. Also pearlescent both wet and dry.
In the pics it looks like Sponge, but in person it's more peachy than yellow on me.

Dusty Trails - Here in the wild, wild west this is the color of desert sage. A lustrous sandy sheen with just a hint of pink. More matte when wet, but beautifully dusty when dry.
My favorite of these shades. It's a pinky nude on me, nice shimmer without being OTT.

Skink - Slip into something slippery with this barely there neutral. Dry shows off a very subtle pinky-beige that shimmers beautifully. Worn wet it becomes a champagne metallic finish with shimmer blending out on the edges. Recommended as a perfect highlight, wear it paired with a dark matte for a dramatic look or alone for a natural neutral!
light taupe shade with multi sparkle

Mummy May I - A light, dusty beige on the very verge of a pink hue. Such a sheer shade is a perfect neutral for any living dead girl. Recommended best dry or with a sticky base, wet does tend to wash out the color.
It's really pretty, and I'd use it as a crease color. I don't think it's light or sheer on my skin, but a nice medium brown, like milk chocolate.

- What color is it? We don't really know. But our sources tell us there may be violet, gold, green and/or blue. What we do know is that it's a great sheer neutral. Wet or dry, it's a conversation starter. Best worn with a sticky base.
Perfect name, because it is confusing. It's lighter on me than Mummy May I, like a little extra milk in my milk chocolate. Loads of sparkle.

I hope you've found these pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

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  1. Mummy May I is so beautiful, as is Confused!