Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black Rose Minerals - more swatches

Some more Black Rose minerals swatches. I took a bunch of these on the same day, so my arm is a tad sunburned.

These were applied over a thin layer of UDPP.







Black Rose Minerals color descriptions, my thoughts italicized

Rapunzel - Let down your hard and revel in this delicate and light pink with fantastic golden shimmer highlights when worn dry. Wear it wet to see it change completely to a true rosy gold with a delicate shine.
a light to medium pink, not what I'd call soft pink, but really pretty with nice amount of shimmer.

Femme Bot - She’s beautiful and deadly, this one. This matte pink borders on the mauve side but is not boring in the least! Great color coverage wet or dry, you’ll lave the guys wanting more every time. Dry it has a deeper mauve color.
salmony pink matte

Titania - A gossamer lavender, this divine shade is delicate, but not understated. A mauvy tone, it borders between lavender and a rosy pink. Sheer when dry, shimmery when wet.
mauve-ish pink with shimmer

- A gorgeous violet matte, there’s nothing wicked about this one except how much you’re gonna love it. Great color saturation wet or dry, however wet does bring out a slightly deeper shade.
Deep violet purple matte, really pretty.

Miner Infraction - Beware! Cave trolls! This one is a deep shimmery mud brown. Looking like something from the earth, it's a glittering gem indeed both wet and dry.
shimmery purplish (bordeaux?) with brownish undertone. I thought it would be more brown and thought maybe I had some cross contamination. I used a clean brush, swatched, then wiped it off and redid it with another clean brush, but it still looks more purple to me. That's a good thing in my book.

Sweet Hereafter - This smoky black has heavy undertones of red shimmer that give it a real kick. Wear it dry for a sultry smoky eye and wet to deepen the dramatic effect. Great as a liner or for the classic “goth” eye.
blackened red - patted on it's more black, but sweep it on with a brush and the reddish really appears.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

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  1. I love these. I really need to try out her line...