Friday, July 22, 2011

Black Rose Minerals - brown / orange swatches

Some more Black Rose Minerals shades, all very autumnal colors. I am so done with summer.

All swatched over a thin layer of UDPP.







Black Rose Minerals color descriptions, with my thoughts italicized

Minky - Our very favorite color! Is it purple? Is it red? Is that green I see? Yes, all of the above. This shimmery duochrome is great for a smoky eye look. A true color changer, it's extremely versatile. When dry, it truly depends on what base is used to determine the color. When wet it brings out all the highlights in a beautiful rainbow mess.
A green/brown shimmery duochrome, sort of reminds me of Coco Mauve / Chameleon Glitter.

Indy - We named the dog Indiana, but we saved this brave matte just for you. A sultry, earthen brown, this color is great for any adventure you might find yourself if – be it exploring hidden temples or fighting Nazis. True to color wet or dry, we love the texture of our gorgeous mattes!
deep chocolate matte

Gossamer - This little red monster shimmers with just a slight touch of silver to send chills up and down your little rabbit spine. Wet or dry this one is true to color with a touch of deeper color when wet.
a light shimmery deep pumpkiny-red. Who doesn't love Gossamer (from Bugs Bunny)?

Tik Tok - Return to Oz with this golden, rusty red. Wear it dry for the rusty orangy red, heavy on golden shimmer. Worn wet, you get a real color changer. It truly changes from deep red to bright gold depending on light and direction. A great color with heavy saturation.
Rust orange shimmer (I wrote that before I read their description), the gold comes through more when you brush it on versus patting it.

Giza - What secrets do these pyramids hold? Only you will know for sure. This matte golden tan has terrific texture and is a bit darker dry and wet.
a lovely cinnamon matte

Vixen - This little beast is a gorgeous rosy brown. Wear it dry for a softer, shimmery brown with pink undertones. Wear it wet to bring out more of a silvery, deep champagne hue.
a shimmery medium brown with goldeny pink hints

These are shades I don't normally wear but they all make me hungry. Weird. Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

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