Friday, June 3, 2011

Put on Your Red Shoes....

I ordered a new pair of Docs the other day, which I need like I need a hole in my head. I've been looking for a new pair of shoes, preferably with a less chunky heel, but have a hard time finding shoes that are wide enough. Docs fit my feet quite nicely.

I noticed the Red Tarten Marlenas were on sale at, so I did a quick google search and found them at for $90.50, with free shipping. They're normally $130, so that's a great price. Since I know how they fit me, I wasn't worried about the size. The older made in UK ones I wear a US 7, the non-UK made ones I wear an 8. I thought about it for less than 10 minutes, then went ahead and ordered. I placed the order on Tuesday at 12 noon, and they arrived Thursday a 4pm.


I didn't wear them last night to a wake, I wore my plain black ones. But I did wear them to work today, and everyone loved them. Well, except my boss, who rolled his eyes and said they were very me. BTW in the picture I'm wearing stockings in shade "Bare Bisque" to give my legs a little color. I didn't wear stockings last summer but have decided that I feel more comfortable with them. I was happy to find this color, which isn't too beige on me!


  1. these are so flippin' cute! are they comfy? I remember my steel toe docs from back in the day used to KILL my feet for the first few weeks, then they would turn into pure heaven- always dreaded getting a new pair ;) These look way more comfy though. I think i need to rekindle my love of docs.

  2. These are approx 1/2 size too big, so I don't have the blisters I usually get with a new pair of Docs. The chunky heel makes them feel very stable (plus I'm used to them from my all black pair). I did put a pair of gel inserts in them since there's not much padding inside, that really helps.

    There's lots of pretty Docs these days, just check their home page and then search for the best deal!

  3. Let's Dance :)
    Love those shoes! So adorable!