Thursday, June 16, 2011

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner - 7, 8, 14 swatches

I swatched the Aqua Liners as well. I bought #8, Iridescent Electric Purple, at the local Sephora, but had to order the other two online. They arrived Saturday with my Aqua Creams.

Once again, Photobucket issues. I resize and label my pics which show up fine in Photobucket, but come out all wonky here. They eventually fix themselves. From left to right, they're #7 Diamond Black Purple, #8 Iridescent Electric Purple, an #14 Diamond Multicolor Black. I'm hoping when you read this the labels are visible!

outside no flash


outside with flash, which are sort of blurry, sorry!


inside no flash

inside with flash

The Diamond Black Purple seems to be more of a black base with the purple over it, lots of sparkle. The Iridescent Electric Purple is a gorgeous purple! The Diamond Multicolor Black is enchanting, loads of sparkle, particularly pink and green that show through.

I haven't worn purple liner in a few years. I normally wear black gel liner, which does come in two purple shades (Tanzanite and Venomous) but after wearing them a few times I discovered they make my eyes all red and irritated. I'm not sure which specific ingredient is the culprit. I've worn purple mineral shadow a few times but it's not quite the same. This purple didn't irritate my eyes, and is a gorgeous color!

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

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  1. I had an allergic reaction to #7 Diamond Black Purple after wearing it Wednesday. I've had the same reaction to other purple liners though, so there's definitely an ingredient in this liner that just doesn't agree with me. You can read about that in this post:

    I would still recommend these liners - they're incredible! If you've had allergic conjunctivitis before, just double check the ingredients if you know which one is the problem for you.