Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evil Shades White Witch, Athame, Moirae, Nixies swatches

I ordered a few shadow samples with my recent Evil Shades Wicked Gloss order. It's overcast so the outside pics aren't as bright and sunny as I'd like.

And as usual, Photobucket issues. I resize and label the pics, they're fine in Photobucket. I put them here and they're a mess. They'll fix themselves at some point, but meanwhile, they're left to right: White Witch, Athame, Moirae, and Nixies. White Witch and Athame are from the Arcane collection, and Moirae and Nixies are from the Mythology collection.

Outside no flash


Outside with flash


Evil Shades color descriptions, with my own thoughts italicized.

White Witch
- Opaque shimmering white - unveils a vestal white bursting with orbs of colored sparkle.
This is the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle!

Athame - Shining silver- bespells to reveal a secret pink highlight.
I hadn't looked at the description before swatching, and I wrote down pinkish taupe. The word "holographic" also comes to mind. Definitely need a full size of this. I have a feeling I'm going to wear this one a lot.

- Medium purple with multi color shimmer. Rubs down to a lilac with light explosion.
I wasn't sure what to call this - it's sort of dusty rose/purple/lilac, hard to describe but very pretty.

Nixies- Blue based purple with a grassy green shift
more blue to my eyes than purple, but definitely the green pokes through.

I didn't do any inside swatches for these. They are all soft, pretty shades. I hope you've found them helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Have you tried using for editing? You can resize, sharpen, adjust the coloring if you need to color-correct, put text on pictures, etc. Then you can upload to Photobucket & use as usual :-)

  2. Mandy, I'll have to go check out Picnik.

    I've read some really nasty comments on other blogs / websites / review sites about adjusting and color correcting, so I never looked in to how to do it. I usually crop in iPhoto, then resize and label in Photobucket. But I suppose I really ought to learn how to do the other stuff!