Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black Rose Minerals swatches - white/pale pink shades

Here's some Black Rose Minerals shadow swatches for you.





Black Rose's color descriptions, my thoughts italicized:

Snow - A true pearly white with a kaleidoscope of glistening highlights that shine through to compliment any shade. This color finishes well both wet and dry.
A nice true white, good about of shimmer without being sparkly.

Starlight - This is a beautiful highlight or lightener. Almost white, this sparkly neutral is alight with rainbow highlights in a cream color base. Wear it dry for a pure sparkle and wet for a metallic, creamy glimmer.
Nearly nude color but with a kick, really pretty.

Bonehead - A creamy crème white bordering on matte. Worn best dry as a base for color or alone for neutral effects. P.S. It has just a slight smidge of shimmer.
Vanilla that has a hint of peach on my skin.

- A light pink to make your peepers pop! This shade also shows a delicate pearly finish both wet and dry while wet adds more of a pink depth.
Soft pink with great finish

Slip & Fall - Perfect to a little drama to your neutral eye looks. A very delicate and sheer wash of pink. True to color both wet and dry.
soft dusty pink, slightly warmer than the others

Dot - Heeeeelloooo, nurse! This delicate shade is just the right amount of pink sparkle for every girl. Delicate and sheer when dry, wear it wet for a high pearl shine.
soft pink, appears more shimmery than sparkly on me.

Hope you've found these swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.

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