Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Rose Minerals purple shadow swatches

Some purple shades from Black Rose Minerals.





Black Rose Minerals descriptions, with my thoughts italicized:

Ultraviolence - An iridescent lavender in a pearly white base. Definitely will shimmer and glow whether wet or dry. No need for extra UV protection!
A little hard to get it on my skin evenly, swatched over UDPP. Super light, soft shade with nice finish.

Prom Queen - Like oh, my gawd, Becky look at her eyes! This lavender feels like a matte and appears almost matte when wet. When dry it shows off it's beautiful violet iridescence. Great coverage either way, this one's a real winner!
I only swatched it over UDPP, and it was a matte orchid shade. I'll have to try it wet and see what happens. It's lovely as is though!

Beloved - A delicate and shimmery lavender with pink tones. Wear it dry for a more sheer shade that shines beautifully. Wear it wet for a deeper violet tone with light pink metallic highlights.
A touch more on the berry/red-violet side compared to the others, nice shimmer.

Starsign - Channel your inner Bowie with this iridescent violet. Wear it dry for a sheer violet shine. Wear it wet to get this color to really pop. We definitely recommend wearing this wet to get the full benefit, it definitely seems to glow when foiled.
Soft purple with shimmer, again, swatched only over a little UDPP.

Lilac to Me - Tell me sweet little lies....but we can't lie about this beautiful shade. A deeper lavender, this one shimmers and shines both wet and dry.
In the pics it looks similar to Starsign and/or the top of the Ultraviolence swatch, but in person there are differences. It's a deeper shade in person, and a bit more icy.

Grape Drank - It doesn't get much more purple than this. If this were a drink, it would taste purple. A bit sheerer when used dry, but if you use a dense brush you get better coverage. True to color wet. This color is really limited. Get it while you can! Don't fear it will be reformulated, it will be slightly different, but close enough.
This went on nice and dark over the UDPP. A good matte royal purple shade.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Love love these colors....Grape Drank would be awesome...I love purple...